Bad Santa (2003) Torrent Download Kickass 1080P

Bad Santa (2003) Torrent Download Kickass 1080P

Watch Bad Santa OnlineDirector: Terry Zwigoff

Writer: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Stars: Billy Bob Thornton, Bernie Mac, Lauren Graham

Release Date: 26 November 2003 (USA)

Plot: A miserable conman and his partner pose as Santa and his Little Helper to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. But they run into problems when the conman befriends a troubled kid, and the security boss discovers the plot. Willie T. Stokes is a convicted con man who’s led a miserable life. He drinks heavily and constantly embarrasses himself publicly. He only works once a year dressed as Santa. But then come Christmas Eve, he and his pint-sized helper dwarf Marcus stage elaborate robberies and take their department stores for everything they got. This year, they hit a mall in suburban Phoenix, Arizona. This time around, Willie gets distracted by having sex with large women, a bartender who is attracted to Santas, and a kid who’s convinced he’s the real deal. However, this time around Marcus must once again put up with Willie’s heavy drinking and a series of incidents that constantly shoot themselves in the foot. Not to mention a nosy department store security guard who’s onto them and wants his cut of the loot. Download Bad Santa Full Movie

Bad Santa (2003) Movie

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